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We have mobile apps that give you all the features. We are available on the browser as well if you wish to use it.

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You need a higher HR solution, because people matter

HRBluSky is a new cloud solution designed to make your HR administration more simple, secure, and efficient.

Discover The Incredible Features

We understand what it takes to manage the administration for your employees in a Small or Medium Enterprise.  Activities such as maintaining records, paying salaries, taking care of visas, medicals, and ensuring nothing gets missed can be overwhelming.  HRBluSky is a secure, cloud-based HR solution designed to make it simple for you to handle your administration needs reliably and efficiently and empower your employees with self-service access.   

HR and Payroll

Fully ready HR, document management with monthly payroll


Employees and managers can access HRBluSky securely anytime


Leaves, Loans, Claims and more transactions with approval process

Shift and Attendance

Manage Roster track Shifts capture attendance and exceptions


Maintain Letter templates for every occasion and issue them to staff


Legislation specific readymade reports are available. You can add more if needed

More Features

Innovation is one of our core values. We keep adding new features regularly. Please check out our dedicated features page …


HRBluSky is available 24 x 7 on web or Mobile App to all your employees


HRBluSky is pre-configured to work in your country. Further customization is possible to suit your needs

Zero Maintenance

You do not have to buy or maintain any hardware. We take care of all maintenance


We have professional team in your country to help you with implementation and ongoing support


All your data is stored and secured using the highest standards in the world


We respect local privacy laws and never share your data to any third party anytime

Amazing Practical Features Included

With HRBluSky, I can track employee attendance more accurately. Whilst the employees are given flexibility to mark attendance using their smartphone, HRBluSky validates them using latest face recognition and geo-fencing technology.
Erin Bente
HR Administrator

Estimate Your Savings

For businesses of all sizes, our innovative solution gives immense savings on HR and Payroll Administration. Click on the below link to get a personalized savings for your business.

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We have mobile apps that gives you all the features. We are available on the browser as well if you wish to use.