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Human Resource Management software that maximizes employee productivity and streamlines HR processes, offering a cost-efficient solution for optimal efficiency.

From Small Medium Enterprises to Large Corporations, we excel in providing a comprehensive range of HR services and solutions through our dedicated staff and intelligent digital ecosystem. Our integrated Human Resource management software further enhances efficiency, streamlining processes and ensuring seamless management of workforce-related tasks.

It’s not about capturing attendance. Its all about what you do with that information.

Whether managing a distributed workforce or overseeing a multi-shift factory operation, our Human Resource management software encompasses face attendance devices and solutions. These cutting-edge tools efficiently capture attendance or exceptions from every employee, seamlessly integrating with your payroll system for a comprehensive and streamlined workforce management experience.

Face Attendance
payroll outsourcing

Need professional help? We have you covered.

Whether you are handling HR administration, payroll, or taxation, entrust one or more of these critical activities to our capable team. Our dedicated remote professionals are committed to ensuring the timely completion of these tasks, affording you the luxury of redirecting your focus towards strategic business initiatives. With our comprehensive outsourcing solutions, you’ll experience newfound efficiency, allowing your business to thrive like never before.

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We understand what it takes to manage the administration for your employees in a Small or Medium Enterprise.  Activities such as maintaining records, paying salaries, taking care of visas, medicals, and ensuring nothing gets missed can be overwhelming.  HRBluSky is a secure, cloud-based HR solution designed to make it simple for you to handle your administration needs reliably and efficiently and empower your employees with self-service access.   



Shift & Roster

Organize staff shifts and rosters for optimal workforce scheduling.