Partnering with HRBluSky

At HRBluSky, we aim to create mutually beneficial partnerships. That’s why we have created a rewarding program built for and with partners.

As a partner of HRBluSky, you enjoy many benefits based on the Engagement Model that aligns with your business. Benefits include financial incentives, sales, and marketing resources, technical enablement, and more.


Choose your engagement model

As an HRBluSky partner, you have more than one way to get rewarded. You choose to participate in one or more engagement models by applying to the specific model based on your expertise and willingness to commit.

Sales Partner

As a sales partner, you need to find customers for HRBluSky in your region. You will be responsible for closing the sales with the customer.

We will offer comprehensive training and sales material to your sales team. We will support your team during demo to ensure we win the customer.

We offer attractive commission on sales and bonus upon achieving yearly targets.

Implementation Partner

As an implementation partner, you will carry out all the activities as a sales partner.

Additionally, you will be carrying out the implementation from start to finish for your customers.

In addition to the sales commission, you will be compensated additionally for implementation and post implementation activities that you carry out with your customers.

Steps to become a partner

We are looking for partners across the globe. Please let us know your interest by submitting the below form and we shall connect with you and guide you through the next steps.

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Contact us

Interested? Please write to us at and we will connect with you and discuss the next steps.

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